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Our team at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. is here to handle your pool repair services in Hickory.

If your swimming pool has been a bit neglected over the years, it may be in need of some TLC. Maybe you purchased a property with a pool that needs some repairs, or perhaps you haven’t had the time or money to invest in caring for your pool properly. Either way, our team at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. is here to handle your pool repair services in Hickory, North Carolina. We offer a variety of pool repair services, from minor fixes to major overhauls and renovations.

Pool Repair in Hickory, North Carolina

You may notice a few signs that your pool is in need of repair. One warning sign is a pool that seems to be constantly leaking water. When the level of your swimming pool is always dropping, you may have a crack in the liner that is allowing water to leak out. Another concerning sign is when the water gets dirty or looks murky, which typically means that your pump isn’t working properly. A swimming pool without a pump will get dirty very quickly and may not be safe for swimming.

At Carolina Pool Builders, Inc., we can handle any pool repair you may need. Our experienced pool technicians can replace damaged components, install new liners, and perform routine maintenance to keep your swimming pool in good shape. With more than four decades of experience in the pool industry, we’re proud to offer the best service to each of our customers. We deliver quality results at reasonable rates, making our team the one to trust for any pool repair in Hickory.

At Carolina Pool Builders, we offer pool repair services in Hickory, Burke County, Caldwell County, Lincoln County, and Gaston County, North Carolina.