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Pool chemicals are essential for keeping the water safe, clean, and healthy.

Anyone who owns a pool understands that it takes ongoing maintenance to keep it functional and pleasant to use. Even those who don’t have a pool are aware the work doesn’t stop once the pool is finally built. Whether you are an experienced pool owner or are new to it, you can get the pool chemicals you need from our team at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. We offer all the pool supplies you need for your Burke County, North Carolina pool, including a wide variety of options for pool chemicals.

Pool Chemicals in Burke County, North Carolina

Pool chemicals are necessary for several reasons. To start, they keep the water clean and clear so that its appearance is pleasant. Obviously, looks are secondary to the other reason clean pool water matters: your health. When bacteria and viruses are allowed to thrive in your pool, those who swim in it can become sick. There is also the fact that contaminants in a pool can damage the pool over time if they are not addressed, so it’s always important to ensure the pool water is balanced to prevent such issues.

There are many pool chemicals a homeowner might need. Chlorine and other sanitizers are responsible for killing algae, bacteria, and viruses that can plague a pool. Chlorine comes in many forms, such as tablets, powder, or liquid. It’s also important to have a stabilizer that will keep UV radiation from destroying the chlorine. Other pool chemicals, such as sodium bisulfate and sodium bicarbonate, control the alkalinity and pH levels.

If you need pool chemicals, visit our storefront to check out our products or contact us with any questions you may have.

At Carolina Pool Builders, we offer pool chemicals to residents of Hickory, Burke County, Caldwell County, Lincoln County, and Gaston County, North Carolina.