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We offer a variety of pool parts to keep everything functioning correctly.

On the surface, a pool is little more than a hole in the ground that’s filled with water. However, when you look a little closer, a pool is a complex system with various parts that work in tandem to keep the water clean and the pool functional. If any one of these parts becomes damaged or fails, it’s important to address the issue so that the system can keep working reliably.

Pool Parts in Burke County, North Carolina

There are many pool parts that are essential if you want your pool to stay in good condition and remain usable. One is the pool pump, which functions like the circulatory system of the pool. Just as a heart pumps blood, the pool pump circulates water, and this process keeps the pool water clean and clear. Other important pool parts include the filter, which is responsible for removing debris from the water, and the pool heater, which keeps the pool temperature comfortable on cooler days.

Our storefront carries a wide variety of pool parts to keep your Burke County, North Carolina pool in excellent condition. Simply let our staff know how they can help you find what you need when you visit us.

At Carolina Pool Builders, Inc., we are proud to be a family-owned pool company of three generations. Since our start in 1971, we have maintained high standards for our work and dedicated ourselves to making the customer experience the best it can be. Contact us today if you have any questions about the pool parts or services we offer.

At Carolina Pool Builders, we offer pool parts to residents of Hickory, Burke County, Caldwell County, Lincoln County, and Gaston County, North Carolina.