New Pool Liner, Hickory, NC

A new pool liner may be in order if stains seem to be originating from underneath the liner.

New Pool Liner in Hickory, NC

At Carolina Pool Builders, Inc., one of the most common questions we encounter is when it is time to put in a new pool liner. Most swimming pools have this protective barrier between the sides of the pool and the water inside, and it serves an important purpose for maintaining the integrity of the pool and the safety of the swimming area. Fortunately, there are some obvious things that will indicate a new pool liner is in order.

To start, if the pool liner is wrinkled, cracked, or torn, it’s important to call in our professionals right away to determine what to do next. Not only does a damaged pool liner compromise the water quality inside the pool, but it can also lead to contamination and damage to the pool walls themselves. Another thing to look for is fading or stains. While the sun can easily cause fading over the life of a pool, a new pool liner may be in order if the stains won’t come out or seem to be originating from underneath the liner.

A new pool liner may also be in order if you notice that there is a leak in your pool. While sometimes we can do a simple patch to prevent additional leaking, if the damage is too severe, we may recommend swimming pool liner installation to provide a better long-term solution.

If you have questions about choosing a new pool liner or need an assessment of your pool to determine the next steps in Hickory, North Carolina, give us a call at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. today. We’ll be happy to help you maintain your pool!