Pool Liners, Hickory, NC

If you pay attention to the signs that something isn’t right, it can be easier and cheaper to address the issue right away.

Pool Liners in Hickory, NC

When it comes to swimming pool construction, there are many different parts of the pool that serve an important purpose. Just like the filter and pump keep the water fresh and clean, the pool liner is a crucial part of creating an enjoyable and safe swimming experience. At Carolina Pool Builders, Inc., we know that choosing from the many pool liners out there can often lead to some important questions, like how often the liner should be replaced. Fortunately, we have many years of experience helping our customers address their pool concerns and provide long-term solutions to meet their needs.

Most pool liners can be expected to last about 10 years, depending on the amount of use the pool sees, the outdoor conditions, and the level of maintenance provided by the owner. Pool liners also generally come with warranties that will help a pool owner maintain or repair their pool if unexpected damage were to occur. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, the pool liner will often be the first thing you notice if there is a concern inside the pool itself, such as warping, cracking, tearing, or leaking.

The good news is that with pool liners, damage is often obvious, and if you pay attention to the signs that something isn’t right, it can be easier and cheaper to address the issue right away. For example, if your home in Hickory, North Carolina has a pool liner that is coming away from the sides of the pool, has cracks or tears, or has stains that originate underneath the liner, you will know it’s time to call in a professional pool company. Not only will our pool professionals be able to determine whether your pool liner should be repaired or replaced, but we can also make solid recommendations that will keep your pool working well for the long-term.

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to pool liner damage is make sure to stop use of the pool until a solution can be found. With pool liners that are compromised, it may create unsafe swimming conditions, and it is best to wait until the issue is resolved before allowing guests to swim again.

At Carolina Pool Builders, Inc., we have more than two decades of experience providing pool construction services for our customers in Hickory, North Carolina, and we are a trusted resource for everything from new pool building to maintenance and repairs. Whether you are trying to decide which pool liners will be the best fit for your pool or you suspect you have a problem with your existing liner, our team can provide the recommendations and corrective measures necessary to secure your pool once more.

Contact us today or stop by our retail store to find out more about our services in the Hickory area and to see why we are your pool builders of choice. We know you’ll find everything you need to enjoy your pool year after year. We look forward to working with you!