3 Basic Pool Accessories You Need to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

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Consistently taking care of your pool is important to keep it safe, damage-free, and fun! Having the right pool accessories is essential to maintain your swimming sanctuary. Here are a few of the basics that every pool owner should have.

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  • Leaves, insects, and other particles will likely find their way into your water, so obtaining a skimmer is a must. The long pole with a flat net allows you to clean out debris from your swimming pool.
  • The skimmer takes care of the floating debris, but you need to clean the sides and bottom of your pool as well. A pool vacuum will take care of the dirt or other sinking particles in your water. The basic vacuums are manual, but you can also purchase an automatic pool cleaner that will run all by itself!
  • When your pool won’t be used for a long period of time, it should be covered. There are a few different types of covers, including a solar cover, leaf cover, and winter cover. The leaf cover does exactly what it sounds like — prevents leaves from entering your pool. This is a commonly purchased pool accessory for those who have a pool near trees or bushes. The solar cover sits right on top of the water and uses the sunlight to heat your pool. The winter cover is the most durable cover, providing safety and protection.

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