4 Pool Supplies You Need for the Upcoming Summer

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It would be great if opening your pool meant whipping off the cover and splashing right in. Unfortunately, though, it’s not that simple. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into getting a pool ready for summer, and that includes having the right pool supplies.

4 Pool Supplies You Need for the Upcoming Summer

  • Pool cleaners: No one wants to swim in a dirty pool. Seeing a host of bugs, leaves, Band-Aids, and other unwanted debris very quickly makes a swimming pool unappealing. Some pool cleaners you should have include pool skimmers, pool vacuums, and pool brushes. You can even get an automatic pool cleaner if you want to avoid having to work the pool vacuum yourself.
  • Pool filters: Even if you scrub your pool all day long (which no one wants to do), you can’t get your swimming pool all the way clean if you don’t have a pool filter. Add a good filter to your list of pool supplies to ensure that debris and dirt will collect properly, and then make sure you’ve got a good cleaner for your filter.
  • Pool heaters: The summer heat is often brutal enough to make anyone want to take a cold swim, but no one wants to feel like they stepped into liquid ice. Pool heaters can keep your pool at a comfortable temperature that doesn’t shock anyone who jumps in.
  • Pool toys: Playing in a pool is a summer activity that all kids enjoy. Throw in a couple of pool toys, and you’ve made a bunch of kids’ dreams come true. You can get floaties, pool noodles, bouncy balls, nets, and other toys to keep families entertained for hours.

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