4 Signs it’s Time for a Pool Renovation

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Maintaining a swimming pool can be an overwhelming task. It is easy to procrastinate small repairs that then add up to a less than perfect pool. If your pool is in bad shape, don’t give up on it! Here are 4 signs that a pool renovation can be the answer for you and allow you to enjoy your backyard again.

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1-  It’s not easy on the eyes. Whether your pool tile is just outdated, or the whole thing looks drab, a renovation can bring your swimming pool back to life. Updating the look of your pool can make a huge difference.

2-  It’s cracking and showing other signs of damage. Over time, your swimming pool will develop cracks and damage due to settling. You may be able to fill in the cracks, replace the lining, or replace the tile, but if the cracks are big enough, it could impact the safety of your pool and surrounding area.

3-  There is always something to be fixed. If you have had to repair something over and over again on your pool, it might be time to look at rehauling the entire structure. Even replacing small things can add up over time, so investing in a pool renovation can pay off in the long run.

4-  It is not energy efficient. If your pool was installed over a decade ago, the energy efficiency could be costing you in monthly utilities. A pool renovation will cost you money upfront but will allow you to save on monthly costs and be better for the environment.

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