Are Pool Covers Necessary?

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When you finish playing an instrument, such as a violin or a flute, do you leave it out or put it back in its case? The same principle applies to pools and why pool covers are so important.

Are Pool Covers Necessary?

For starters, pool covers help protect your pool from the outdoor elements all year round. Say goodbye to that nasty pile of leaves, twigs, debris, and even toys that keep ending up in your uncovered pool. You’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort by not having to clean your pool so often. You will also potentially find that having a pool cover results in less maintenance for your pool.

Another appealing benefit of pool covers is the safety it offers. Fiberglass mesh covers can hold a lot of weight. That way, if a child or pet wanders off and falls into the pool, the cover will hold up and prevent them from falling into the water.

Finally, pool covers can actually help retain water and cut down on your energy costs. During the summertime, an uncovered pool is very susceptible to evaporation, which means you’ll have to fill your pool more and work harder to maintain it. Additionally, if you have a heated swimming pool, you’ll find that your pool cover helps to retain heat during the night and colder temperatures. This is another factor in reducing energy costs, as you won’t have to keep reheating your pool as often.

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