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When you own a pool, you know that a lot of time and effort go into cleaning and maintaining your pool. It can be tricky to balance spending your time off with cleaning your pool or doing something more enjoyable- especially when your time off is severely limited. If you want a clean pool without a lot of effort and scrubbing on your part, at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. we have automatic pool cleaners that will quickly become your favorite pool toy!

Automatic pool cleaners work something like those robotic vacuums

Automatic pool cleaners work something like those robotic vacuums. Instead of vacuuming up your flooring mess, however, automatic pool cleaners will methodically scrub the hard surfaces of your pool to ensure that it is getting cleaned properly. All you need to do is set it in your pool, hook up your automatic pool cleaners, and tell it to get to work! Your pool will be clean and fresh in a short amount of time while you are able to spend your time getting sunscreen and towels, rather than getting cleaners and brushes out to clean your pool.

If you are tired of spending your very limited free time cleaning your pool rather than using it, it’s time to come down to Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. to check out the favorite gadget of pool owners everywhere: automatic pool cleaners. We would love to show you the automatic pool cleaners that we have in stock and ready for you, so please come and see what we have for you today.