Do I Need Pool Covers for My Pool?

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What is the function of a pool cover? Many pool owners want to know the best ways to maintain and protect their pools. A pool cover is a big part of this maintenance. A pool cover can provide a few key services to help preserve and maintain any pool.

Pool covers also help keep your pool clean

One of the main reasons you need a pool cover is temperature control. Having a pool cover is the most effective way to maintain the temperature of a pool. This means that you can save a lot of money because your pool is more energy efficient with a pool cover.

Pool covers also help keep your pool clean. As your pool is covered, it will be protected from falling leaves, bugs, and debris. This will reduce the time and effort needed to clean your pool each week.

There are many types of pool covers. Manual pool covers are an economical option. However, this type of pool cover requires some work to put on and take off of the pool. The alternative, an automatic pool cover, offers the benefit of being an easy (automatic!) way to retract and replace your pool cover. This will be a more expensive option because it removes the hassle of manually covering and uncovering your pool. You can choose the pool cover that best meets your needs.

As you consider which pool cover to buy, think about how you want to spend your time with pool care. If you do not mind having a manual cover, it may be an economical choice. However, if you feel having a manual cover on your pool may be a deterrent to using your pool, it may be worth the extra money to invest in the automatic pool cover. Call us and we can provide our advice!