Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Pool Closing

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As the summer winds down, pool owners start to think about closing their pools for the winter. Many will continue to put it off until they have a leaf-filled, untreated pool to deal with. The thing is, simply closing your pool earlier in the season prevents most of the inconveniences that turn pool closing into a dreaded chore.

Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Pool Closing

Here are four reasons to close your pool sooner than later:

  1. Beat the leaves. If you’ve had to fish leaves out of your pool as autumn sets in, you know what a nuisance they can be. Prioritizing pool closing even a few weeks earlier can save a lot of time and effort.
  2. Prevent algae. Cooling temperatures and diminishing sunlight affect a pool’s chemical balance and make the water more conducive to algae growth. As the changing seasons make you think of your pool less and less, the untreated water can become a big mess that will require much more effort to properly clean later.
  3. Save on energy bills. Continuing to run pool pumps and heaters long after the last swim of the season results in a waste of utility usage that needlessly adds to your energy bills. Setting an annual date to close your pool each year will simplify the process and prevent wasteful energy consumption.
  4. Protect your investment. A swimming pool is a major investment that deserves proper care to ensure it remains an asset to your property. A neglected pool makes a home harder to sell and becomes more costly to get back into working order. Pool owners can avoid these consequences by closing their pools in early fall each year.

Maintaining a pool is made easier by consistent attention. Closing your pool before the temperatures start to fall along with the leaves makes your life easier. Contact us today to schedule your pool closing before any problems come up.