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Unless you live in an area with consistently warm temperatures, pool closing is a process that you will need to consider for your pool during the fall. The beginning of the school year can be a busy time for parents and many others who are trying to get back into a routine after the lazier and longer days of summer, so it’s important to have the parameters for pool closing in mind. We have a few tips for your pool closing process here at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. that we hope will help.

important to have the parameters for pool closing in mind

If you work better with solid dates than temperature parameters, you can always follow the schedule that most public pools will set, meaning your pool season would generally last from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Even if there are warmer days past this time, you can save yourself the headache of not having an appointment set for pool closing.

As for temperature parameters, these come with a lot of variables regarding your pool closing and opening. If your pool is a heated pool, you can generally get away with closing it a few weeks later than normal closing times. However, if the temperatures are starting to dip below 45 degrees at night, now is the time to get your pool closing started. Furthermore, if your pool is consistently under a large shade tree or many trees, you will want to start pool closing before the leaves start to drop.

If you have questions about pool closing or the parameters that are best for you, give us a call at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc.