Keep Your Pool Clean and Fresh with New Pool Pumps

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If you are lucky enough to have a pool at your home or business, you know the importance that pool pumps play in your ability to enjoy your pool. For your pool’s filtration and treatment systems to work properly, they must be paired with pool pumps that circulate the pool’s water consistently.

know the importance that pool pumps play

There are three types of pool pumps on the market, each with its own pros and cons:

1.  Single-speed pool pumps are the least expensive and typically last three to eight years. Unfortunately, they are inefficient (which means they cost more to run over time) and can be quite noisy, as well.

2.  Two-speed pool pumps have the same style of motor as the older single-speed version and last about the same amount of time. The difference is that they also have a low-speed setting that makes them more efficient (and cheaper to run). Generally, these pool pumps are operated on low speed most of the time and are only switched to high speed when it is necessary (i.e. while cleaning the pool). They are usually more expensive upfront.

3.  Variable speed pool pumps are the most recently developed and most efficient type of pool pump. The motor of the variable speed pump is totally different and is actually similar to the motor of an electric car. This type of pump allows for very slow water circulation. It is much quieter and generally lasts much longer than the other types of pumps. It is the most expensive type of pump to buy, but consistently saves money month to month because it is so energy efficient.