Keep Your Pool Water Clean Year-Round With Pool Pumps

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You may think that just because you aren’t swimming in the colder months, you can forget about pool maintenance. However, neglecting minor pool maintenance can come with some consequences. Pool pumps do a lot to make sure your pool water is filtered and clean, and you should make sure to run your swimming pool’s pump even in the winter (albeit much less frequently than in warmer months) to avoid algae buildup and other potential stain-causing agents.

Keep Your Pool Water Clean Year-Round With Pool Pumps

There is no exact amount of time that pool pumps need to run to keep your pool water clean. Your pump should run for as long as is needed for all of your water to cycle through it, which typically lasts about 6 to 8 hours, depending on how large your pool is. However, your pump may need to run a little bit longer if your pool has a lot of debris in it.

Pumping your pool regularly is especially important once water temperatures drop into freezing temperatures. Pool pumps, like the pipes in your home, can freeze when the water in your pool gets too cold. While some pool pumps contain sensors that will automatically turn your pool pump on when it gets to freezing temperatures, not every pump has this feature, meaning you will need to turn the pump on manually to prevent it from freezing.

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