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One of the most important things you do for your swimming pool is add the right pool chemicals at the right time. What’s more difficult might be knowing when and what to add! In fact, while you know that pool chemicals are an important part of keeping your pool in great condition, it isn’t always clear what exactly they are doing as you dump pre-measured amounts or tabs into your pool water. Here are the ways that your pool chemicals are working for you:

Keeping the Balance: How Your Pool Chemicals Work for You

  • Disinfect – First and foremost, nobody wants to go swimming in a pool that is loaded with germs. Pool chemicals are your first resource when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing your pool water, the liner, and the other pool components, so your water is free from potentially dangerous germs.
  • Fight Bacteria – Bacteria are those unseen things that can easily take over your pool and pool water, and before you know it, you have a major problem that makes you swimming pool un-useable. Pool chemicals treat for many types of bacteria that will keep your water in top condition during all four seasons of the year.
  • pH Balance – Finally, your pool chemicals are an essential part of what makes your swimming pool comfortable to swim in. Added in the right combinations and amounts, you can avoid irritated skin or red and itchy eyes, but simply dive in with complete abandon.

At Carolina Pool Builders, Inc., we know that adding pool chemicals can bring up some important questions, especially for the beginning swimming pool owner. Reach out to us today if you need help selecting the right chemicals or if you would like us to help with your swimming pool maintenance throughout the year.