Our Top Three Pool Cleaning Tips

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Since summer is in full swing and your pool is being used regularly, you should be cleaning your pool regularly as well. You can get away with not cleaning it during the colder months when no one is introducing their body oils, sweat, and (heaven forbid) urine to the water. Your pool cover is protecting the pool from insects, pollen, and leaves too. However, when the pool is in regular use, you have no choice but to clean it regularly if you want to avoid irritants and germs.

Our Top Three Pool Cleaning Tips

Although having to clean your pool frequently can seem inconvenient and irksome, we have a few ideas that can help your pool cleaning go smoothly. Here are our top three pool cleaning tips:

  1. Skim the surface daily. Skimming should be done once a day because there is new debris floating on the top each day. It’s important to remove debris from the surface of the water and prevent it from sinking to the bottom, where it’s harder to reach. Make sure you empty the skimmer baskets too. It may be annoying having to do this, but it’s probably the easiest and most effective cleaning method.
  2. Throw in a tennis ball to collect oils. This one is admittedly kind of weird, but if it works, then who cares? People’s natural oils and the oils from their sunscreen, makeup, or hair care products can collect on the surface of the water, but when you throw in a clean tennis ball, it will absorb the oils.
  3. Make cleaning into a game. If you have kids, you can get them to clean the pool by making it a game. Give them each an old toothbrush or a scrub brush and tell them whoever finishes cleaning their area the fastest wins. Make sure there is an adult supervising so the kids stay safe.

These tips are good for easy day-to-day cleaning, but when you need a more thorough job, give us a call and schedule our pool cleaning service.