Pool Closing Tips from the Pros

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As temperatures drop, the rate at which you use your pool will drop, too. At the end of the summer, it is important to close up your pool properly to protect it throughout the fall and winter months. You need to ensure that parts are properly protected throughout the long seasons so that you can open your pool next summer without any problems.

Pool Closing Tips from the Pros

Here are a few of our top pool closing tips to help you make sure your pool stays protected:

  • Clean First, Drain Second: Most pool owners know that you need to drain your pool at the end of the swimming season. However, even before you drain your pool, your first step is to clean your pool. You need to make sure that your pool is free of debris so that it does not clog pool filters or pumps as you drain your pool.
  • Use the Right Pool Chemicals: There is more to winterizing your pool than simply draining it of water. You need to make sure to add the right chemicals to ensure your pool lasts well through the winter months. As with routine summer maintenance, when you are conducting a pool closing, you need to carefully select the right chemicals and apply them properly. You may wish to consult a professional to ensure you choose the best options for your pool.
  • Invest in the Right Pool Cover: When is comes to your pool cover, you should not be stingy. A pool cover is the main protection your pool has from the elements, and your pool cover must be in use for much of the year. For this reason, it is important to invest in a high-quality pool cover that will provide the protection your pool needs.

If you have questions about pool closing, contact us at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. We are happy to help answer your questions, and we can even manage your pool closing on your behalf!