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After a season of swimming and fun in the sunshine, it comes time for the summer to wind down. While much of preparing for the fall and winter in pool ownership means sorting through pool toys and storing all the chemicals and cleaners, the late summer/early fall is also a great time to start your swimming pool repair process with Carolina Pool Builders, Inc.

great time to start your swimming pool repair

If your pool has been running consistently all day for the entire summer, there is a good chance that you have parts that are starting to wear and become worn out. Swimming pool repairs done at this time mean that when it’s time to open your pool again in the late springtime, you won’t have to wait for parts to come in or other delays- you will know that your swimming pool repair is all taken care of already!

Swimming pool repair done in the later summer and early fall make it easier for you to open your pool in the spring. When all the pool opening contractor needs to do is make checks on your equipment and get to cleaning and balancing the water, you’ll have more time for swimming and enjoying sunshine rather than listening to impatient children or spouses who just can’t wait any longer to go for a swim!

If you have a swimming pool, now is the time to consider your swimming pool repair that needs to be done. Give us a call here at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. and let us complete swimming pool repairs that you need now for a clean start this coming spring.