The Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

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Many pool owners or prospective pool owners may not be too familiar with their options. You may not think there could be much variety in pools – it’s just a hole with some water in it, right? Well, this is actually not the case. There are different kinds of pools and pool materials that can impact your purchasing decision, and we want to offer you an option you may not have known about before: fiberglass swimming pools.

The Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pools

These pools, constructed using fiberglass (a mixture of glass fibers and plastic), are installed as a shell in one piece. In addition, there are many advantages of choosing fiberglass swimming pools. Here are just a few of them:

  • Less Energy: Fiberglass pools take significantly less energy to heat than other types of pools. In fact, it can sometimes be so much energy that it would be cheaper to remodel your vinyl pool to fiberglass than it would be to heat it for an entire season. These costs add up, especially as the temperatures drop, so switching to fiberglass will save you money and have the added benefit of helping the environment.
  • Less Maintenance: Fiberglass swimming pools are built to be able to withstand heavy use. They don’t use liners that can easily be damaged, and they aren’t as easily worn down by chemicals as a concrete pool could be. While you still need to care for your fiberglass pool, it will be significantly easier than another type.
  • Less Installation: Because fiberglass pools are pre-built, the installation time is notably shorter. Rather than building the pool piece by piece, installing a fiberglass pool only requires the installers to know the size of the pool. From there, they can dig and measure accurately to save valuable time on the project.

As you can see, fiberglass swimming pools come with many benefits. Save yourself the stress of maintaining a more complicated pool, and look into a fiberglass pool for your home or community today!