Three Essential Pool Supplies

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Few home additions are as fun and relaxing as a swimming pool. Whether you are new to pool ownership or have enjoyed your pool for years, knowing what supplies you need to keep the water sparkling and the pool well maintained is essential.

Three Essential Pool Supplies

Here are three must-have swimming pool supplies:

  1. Pool chemicals – Pool chemicals are some of the most important pool supplies. Pool water must stay clean and balanced, requiring the skillful use of chemicals. Chlorine and bromine act as sanitizing agents, and shock treatments are concentrated doses of sanitizing chemicals that can help jolt your pool back into balance by combating algae and cleaning the water after a heavy rain. Other pool chemicals are used to help the water’s pH levels stay balanced. Water testing kits should be used frequently to ensure your pool stays healthy, balanced, and clean.
  2. Covers – Winter pool covers are an important part of closing and protecting your pool during colder months when it is not in use. Solar covers can be used during the summer to help retain heat and regulate the water’s temperature while saving on utility costs.
  3. Cleaning tools – There are many innovative pool cleaning tools available today, making routine pool cleaning an easy chore. Automatic pool vacuums walk the floor of your pool, cleaning settled debris. It’s also handy to have a telescopic pole with a skimmer net and a brush attachment for spot cleaning.

Remember, pools are only as enjoyable as they are safe and clean. Winter is a good time to stock up on these pool supplies to keep your pool sparkling and inviting all summer. Contact us at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. or visit our storefront today to get all the pool supplies you need!