What Does the Pool Opening Process Look Like?

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Now that spring has come to an end and summer is officially starting, it’s the perfect time to start swimming and enjoying the sun with your friends and family. But first, you need to open your pool if you haven’t yet. When you consider all the time and effort pool opening takes if you try to do it on your own, you might not be quite as excited, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Aside from just saving your time and energy, hiring a professional to do your pool opening for you ensures that the job will be done correctly, quickly, and safely. Here’s what the professional pool opening process looks like:

  1. Remove the pool cover. Before anything else can be done, the pool cover has to be removed. First, we’ll clean off any debris like pollen or leaves. Then, depending on the type of cover, we’ll fold up the cover and store it dry, or we’ll place it in a water-filled container and treat it to prevent algae growth. We’ll also remove closing equipment like plugs.

What Does the Pool Opening Process Look Like?

  1. Clean the pool. If your pool has new stains and algae, we’ll clean it off the walls and floors with cleaners, a brush, and a vacuum if necessary. We’ll also make sure to clean the filters.
  2. Refill the pool. We may need to refill your pool so that we can raise the water level to the correct height.
  3. Treat the water with chemicals. Your pool water needs to have a balanced pH to prevent irritation to swimmers’ skin and eyes and to prevent harmful bacteria from making a home in the pool.

If you’re ready to open your pool and get swimming, give us a call today!