What to Expect During a Pool Installation

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A pool installation is a big project that yields big excitement. If you’re checking owning a pool off your bucket list, understanding the process will help it go smoothly.

What to Expect During a Pool Installation

Here’s what to expect during your pool installation:

  • Planning phase – The exciting first step of a pool installation is to work with an installation company to design your pool. They’ll walk you through the materials, layout, size, depth, and features of your pool and help you decide on a design that fits your property and budget. During this time, proper permits should be secured to abide by local regulations.
  • Site prep – Things start to get messy during the site prep stage. As you can imagine, there will be considerable site evacuation needed to make room for your pool.
  • Pool construction – Depending on the materials chosen during the planning phase, pool construction will involve on-site building and concrete-pouring, or the pool shell will be delivered and placed. There is a lot to account for during the construction phase, including plumbing lines, electric wiring, deck construction, and installing any other features.
  • Pool filling and final inspections – It’s water time! Our pool installation contractors will fill the pool, add chemicals, and offer guidance on how to properly sanitize and maintain the water’s pH levels. After the final safety inspections to ensure the pool abides by industry standards and local regulations, it’s time to dive in!

A pool installation is an exciting project that requires significant planning and construction. If you’re dreaming of making a backyard pool a reality, now is a great time to explore the possibilities. Our team at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. is happy to answer any questions you may have—contact us today!