What to Expect from a Professional Pool Closing

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If you are new to pool ownership, one thing you need to know is that pools should not be left to sit over the winter. Your pool requires a particular process at the end of the swimming season in order to keep it in the best condition. Without proper pool closing, several problems can occur. Water left in the pool lines can freeze and expand causing cracking. You may also experience problems with bacteria and algae growth. If you have leaks that are not caught, they can create bigger problems when left over the winter. These are just a few of the reasons you should seek professional pool closing.

What to Expect from a Professional Pool Closing

A typical pool closing can include:

  • Clearing the plumbing and equipment
  • Lubricating the equipment
  • Removing ladders
  • Chemical treatment
  • Pool cleaning
  • Cover installation

It is recommended that pool closing take place after temperatures drop below 65 degrees in order to better minimize bacteria and algae growth.

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