What Your Pool Chemicals Do

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Here at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc., we know that you want to be able to enjoy your pool as much as possible, and that means that you need to ensure that your pool chemicals are properly balanced. In our experience, people take better care of their pools when they have a solid understanding of how these chemicals work, so in this article, we’ll be going over the basic types of pool chemicals and what they do to keep your pool safe for swimming.

What Your Pool Chemicals Do
  • Sanitizers. The first main category of pool chemicals is sanitizers, which are used to kill any germs that enter your pool water. Chlorine is the most common chemical used to sanitize pools, but bromine and biguanide are also used in some cases. Which option is best for your needs will vary based on your particular circumstances, and our team at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. can help you figure out the ideal sanitizer for your pool.
  • Shocks and Oxidizers. These pool chemicals are what you would use in cases where your normal sanitizers aren’t getting the job done. They destroy organic material such as algae, as well as chemical byproducts of the sanitizers themselves, to allow your sanitizers to more effectively kill bacteria and germs in the water.
  • Water Balancers. The next type of pool chemical is referred to as water balancers, a collection of treatments designed to maintain an ideal chemical balance in your pool water. Keeping your water chemically balanced is important for keeping it clear and free of algae, and it also helps protect your pump, heater, and other components from damage. Water balancers can raise or lower your pool’s pH level or alkalinity–if either of these is out of balance, your components could suffer, and swimmers could have adverse reactions.
  • Algaecides. As the name suggests, algaecides are used to kill algae. While shocks also kill algae, they are used for extreme cases only, while algaecides should be incorporated into your regular maintenance routine to help keep algae from setting in in the first place.
  • Support Chemicals. Lastly, there are pool chemicals that help maintain your pool in other ways, broadly classed as support chemicals. These include metal removers to cut down on metal particles and the stains they can cause, scale inhibitors to keep your pool equipment looking spotless, and clarifiers to help your filter work more effectively.

If you have questions about any of these pool chemicals, just give our team at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. a call to learn more.