Why You Need Pool Chemicals to Keep Your Pool Clean

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Why You Need Pool Chemicals to Keep Your Pool CleanYour pool shouldn’t be a mixing pot for different germs and bacteria. It should be a place for fun, relaxation, and general enjoyment. However, it can be easy for different contaminants to turn your backyard fun into a breeding ground for germs. Luckily, pool chemicals can stop those germs and contaminants right in their tracks, so you can enjoy your swimming pool without worrying about getting sick.

There are lots of different types of pool chemicals out there, and they all serve a purpose. You’ve probably heard of chlorine getting rid of germs, but there are other agents you can use, too. For example, there are pool chemicals called oxidizers that many people use with chlorine to target germs. Oxidizers, also called “pool shock,” help your pool’s chlorine break down the different contaminants that enter your pool.

The type and amount of pool chemicals that you put into your pool can vary depending on your circumstances. For example, you may want to add more pool shock into your pool after a big party or heavy storm. You may prefer to use pool chlorine in a tablet form rather than straight from a chlorine bottle.

Whatever and however you use your pool chemicals, it’s important to make sure you’re using them properly. Our team here at Carolina Pool Builders, Inc. can help you make sure that what you’re adding to your pool is safe yet effective at targeting germs and other sickness-causing microorganisms, so be sure to stop by for the best pool chemical products and advice today.